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Thelma Tapasei

Country Manager, Vanuatu, Capital Insurance Limited

Thelma Tapasei
Thelma Tapasei
Country Manager, Vanuatu, Capital Insurance Limited

Present Happenings

Ms. Tapasei is the Managing Director of the Vanuatu Branch of Capital Insurance Limited. She has been in that position for over six years, providing overall management and executive support to the Capital insurance business operations while also providing monthly work reports to the PNG headquarters and the Fiji regional office. Monthly accounts reporting to Group Management CEO and regional Managers, finance related reports to the Chief Finance Officer based in Suva, Fiji, underwriting policies, human Resource matters, monthly wave reports, information technology matters, claim matters, regulatory matters and reports to the insurance regulator, company funds and transactions are among the types of reporting she performs.
Overseeing the overall administrative and management of Vanuatu based office, she is also in supervision on the performance of all employees, daily operations management, provide support and assistance on the underwriting and claims, ensure that all the corporate policies are respected and followed. She also ensures that company instructions are disseminated to and complied with by her staff. She monitors inputs and making sure business flows in to achieve budgeted outputs. More importantly, she makes sure expenses incurred are controlled and targeted monthly revenues are reached. She also ensures complex claims are investigated and together with simple claims are settled quickly and smoothly for client satisfaction. Finding new potential avenues to make money – tapping into business communities is in her realm of duties and responsibilities, SME’s and many more management tasks as required by the company.

Ms. Tapasei not only provides executive functions at Capital Insurance, but she also spends her limited free time discussing business activities for Pacific Inspiro Limited, as she is one of the company's founding members.

Ms. Tapasei is one of the Shareholders for Pacific Inspiro Limited (PIL). PIL was established as s result of a catch activity by a group of professional women of which Ms. Tapasei is one of them.

Professional History

I. Manager Vanuatu Branch – Dominion Insurance Limited
In 2005 to 2014, Ms. Tapasei was the former Manager for Dominion Insurance Limited, Vanuatu Branch, based in Port Vila. Similarly, to the works she is currently undertaking, she has worked hard to promote and obtain the business operators to insure their respective investments. Ms. Tapasei is the most experienced Ni-Vanuatu on insurance service sector.

II. General Manager, Club Vanuatu Limited
As the General Manager of Club Vanuatu Limited, Thelma rose from the ranks of an accounts clerk officer to the highest level of management. She was in charge of the company's operations for over 14 years, from 1990 to 2004. Her main responsibilities at the time were to organize and control the club's operations in order to provide food, beverages, gaming entertainment, sporting events, and other amenities to its members. It was critical to ensure that Club Vanuatu's 50+ employees were happy and effectively carrying out their assigned and agreed-upon responsibilities during that time. She worked extra hard as General Manager to ensure the business was sustainable and continued to operate after she left Club Vanuatu. She ensured that the 3,000+ members were satisfied with the services and products offered at the time, and her reporting lines were to the ten members of the Board of Directors, which was 90 percent male dominated. After 14 years as General Manager, she realized her visions and dreams. As a result, in the late 1990s, Club Vanuatu was extremely popular in Port Vila.

III. Accounts Clerk, Sloss & Company, Chartered Accountants
From 1986 to 1989, Thelma has worked as the Accounts Clerk for Sloss & Company, a Chartered Accounts firm based in Port Vila. Her scope of work during that time includes keeping financial records and updated the records, prepared financial reports and reconciliation of bank statements. She also processed accounts payable and receivable, disbursements and expenses including administration of vouchers and receipts.

Community Development

Through her community network established, she facilitated an online network of women and girl in the Shefa Province and Port Vila for online interactive debates on issues related to women’s development in Vanuatu.


• Currently undertaking MBA program at the University of the South Pacific, Vanuatu;
• Post Graduate Diploma on Business Analytics, 2021, University of the South Pacific, Vanuatu;
• Postgraduate Certificate in Business Administration, 2020 - 2021, University of the South Pacific, Vanuatu;
• Diploma in Risk Management, 2020, Australia New Zealand institute of insurance & finance, online;
• Diploma in General Insurance, 2018, Australia New Zealand institute of insurance & finance (ANZIIF), online;
• Certificate of Senior associate, Associate member 2019, Australia New Zealand institute of insurance & finance (ANZIIF), online;
• Certificate IV on Customer Services, 2016, Australia New Zealand institute of insurance & finance (ANZIIF);
• Certificate, 1985, Malapoa College, Vanuatu;
• Certificate, 1979, British Primary School, Vanuatu.