About Us



SP Exec Compliance & Solutions is a valid registered company, registered under the Vanuatu Financial Services Commission. The business idea has come about when the founder realized the importance, urgency and the need for executive leadership to promote, observe, execute and comply with mandatory and human obligations at all levels of business operations. Experiences showed that there is a need to build or make solid connections through trust and confidence between Executive officers, operations Managers, Directors, influencers and daily service operations through respective responsible officers.

The Regulatory function is unique, rare, and has very limited expertise both at the national and international level. Therefore, at the executive level, it is only appropriate to continue and effectively utilize the skills, experiences and knowledge, investing back to the Vanuatu citizens, the Nation’s Government and the region.

SPECS is very unique and new, providing such executive and compliance services. However, the service encourages partnerships through private-public-partnership (PPP) programs, private, public and community partnerships and other forms.