Nauru has enacted its legislative reforms on Telecommunications development, more than five years ago. The reform also included the establishment of the regulatory framework, that will assist with regulating telecommunications market competition. The Communication and Broadcasting Act, 2018 mandates the operations of the Telecommunications and Broadcasting regulatory functions.

As Vanuatu continues to develop its competitive and increasingly dynamic maritime sector with multiple shipping and boat operators, the need for the Office of the Maritime Regulator (OMR) to have its Corporate and Strategic Plan is becoming critical for its effective regulatory operations.

The Republic of Palau is currently undergoing reform in Telecommunications and ICT industry.  This is through the financial support and assistance of the World Bank, a project of P160504.  The reform includes the establishment of the Regulatory institution call the Bureau of Communications (BoC), the review of the existing market, its contributions to Palau’s national economy and its outlook investment plan. 

4eva Yang project is initiated and developed specifically for the young girls age ranging from 11 to 21 and above.  It will contribute to prevent growing rate of unintended pregnancy, assist young girls to make right decisions for brighter future, prevent young girls from experiencing high risks of teenage pregnancy, assist parents to make good planning for their children (girls),