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Village Chief

Village Chief

Present Happenings

Chief Jonah has worked hard to build and promote tourism industry in the island of Maewo. He introduced an eco-tourism at the beautiful tourism site called Sanasom, where the moon cave is located. The site is traditional and rich with its rituals and historical stories and heritage. Importantly very attractive with its natural landscape and the running water where tourist can enjoy swimming in both land and sea waters. 

Being the Village Chief, he is currently the Chair for the Sungaloge Council of Chiefs providing supervisory functions to the six village chiefs.   His function also includes review of existing policies and guides that the Chiefs are currently guided by, and importantly making sure all the Chiefs in the six villages and communities promote knowledge keeping on tribal history and land management. 

With his hat on as the Chairman to Sungaloge ward of Maewo Island, he is progressing with a roadmap for community development including union, family groups and individual investment farm knowing land is the driver to national economy.

Professional History

Chief Jonah was engaged by the Matigalmal Tagaro Island Council of Chiefs which the supreme body overseeing the Chiefs functions and duties carried out in respective villages and communities for Maewo Island. Whilst undertaking my responsibilities, he has provided secretarial services including minute taking of Council of Chiefs meeting, organize and coordinate respective activities and events including meetings based on approved plan.  He also attended meetings and ensure meetings are presented in accordance to the agenda prepared and approved. He has also worked with different types of community leaders, including provincial government leaders, even at the national level,  made decisions and presentations before any reporting and presentations are done at the national level. 

Community Development

  1. Vanuaku Party Political Liason Officer for Maewo Island (2012 - 2016)

In 2012 to 2016, he was employed by the former Member of Parliament for Maewo Island during that time as Vanuaku party’s Political Liaison Officer. His responsibilities and duties included administration of building and maintenance of party relationships with Maewo island communities; facilitation of communications from community leaders to vanuaku party leaders and or the respective member of parliament of that time. He also assisted with coordination of political discussions with agencies and interested organizations. Where there were conflict of resolutions, it was  his duty to coordinate and ensure with the committee established to resolve the issues. He was seen as the party’s technical expert at the island level and importantly represented the party in respective activities where there was a call for the party’s representative to attend.

Where there was new political development at the island level, he has been the primary officer to communicate such developmental information and other political information required to the communities’ concern.  

During that time, he also developed “Toakanase Maewo Grass root farmer’s trade union Agro farming cooperation development plan and management policies, principle guidelines and farming policies, principle guideline of administration and financial management policy. This is a blue print of his works gaining experience from the works he has previously engaged on.

  1. Chairman of the Government Vehicle Management Committee (2007 – 2010)

Worked as the government public servant, and as the Chairman of the Government Vehicle Management Committee, he ensure the Committee is effective to carry out its functions, the law is enforced and implemented in making sure transportation using vehicle is appropriately managed, controlled and administered.  Coordinated and managed government vehicle routines and ensure laws are honored and respected. At the same time, being the board member of the tender for government vehicles. He had huge responsibilities in ensuring the government vehicles are appropriately managed and well looked after by respective ministries and government departments across Vanuatu.

  • Third Political Advisor to Minister Responsible for Lands (1994 - 1995)

Worked with, and assisted other Political Advisors and Political Secretary and liaise with the Minister’s  constituents to ensure there is stability at his constituents’ level, maintain close connection between the  Minister and his constituents and importantly report on political developments the party and the Honourable Minister of Lands of that time was experiencing.

  1. Ambae Maewo Local Government Councilor (1981 - 1984)

Represented the South Maewo Area Council, he attended meetings and presented development plans at the  Ambae Maewo Local Government to ensure development expected are implemented and decentralized in  respective areas that I am representing. He also ensured, there was fair sharing of activities in terms of local government council development that my area council could also benefit from. He has been the voice and face of South Maewo Area Council at the Ambae Maewo Local Government meetings and administration since Vanuatu received its independence in 1980.

  1. Secretary General for Nagrimel Custom Movement (1972 - 1977)

Coordinated and provided general supervisory roles and responsibilities over 1,000 members of the fifteen island states of that time, for union farming, in preparation for attaining economic independence. During that time, and with the President’s (Nagrimel Party) trust and confidence on him, he was approved to be one of the signatories to the Linglang federation currently registered under the party’s (Nagrimel) federation. At the same time, he has been the radio announcer for Fanafo radio station. It was a life changer for him, for his family and his community.

National & Community Achievements

  • Development of Maewo Island Custom Governance Constitution;

  • Being the Maewo Island Local Government Counsellor;

  • The third political advisor to the Minister responsible for Lands of that time;

  • Being the Chairman for Government Vehicle Management for Vanuatu;

  • Contest under Nangariamel Umbrella;

  • Being the signatory to financial matters for Nangariamel before Vanuatu gained its independence;

  • Recognition by Community as their community leader;