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Present Happenings

Mr. Jimmy Andeng is currently undertaking a number of projects for respective organizations.   He is currently working on the design of the 5 years Pacific Preparedness Project, in Partnership with FH Designs Pty Ltd based in Victoria, Australia. Prior to that, he worked  with Talanoa Consulting based in Suva, Fiji to undertake the evaluation and review of the Three Star Approach to Wash in Schools (WinS) Program in Vanuatu, funded by UNICEF. He also undertook the evaluation and review of the Vanuatu Corrections Services, in Partnership with Sapere Research Group in New Zealand, with funding support of the Government of New Zealand through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MFAT).

Professional History

2020 Activities

In 2020, he was engaged by Talanoa Consulting, in partnership with the Australian Center for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR), to undertake a desk based review of the Agri Businesses mapping for Vanuatu and prepared an ‘Overview of the Agriculture Sector’ in the country.  The report was accepted by ACIAR.

He also worked as data collector for Vanuatu with UNFPA for the mid-term review (MTR) of the DFAT funded Transformative Agenda (TA) regional program on unmet family planning needs in 6 countries in the Pacific region, including Vanuatu.

He also undertook the end of project evaluation of Sexual and Reproductive Health (SHR) Program in Vanuatu, implemented through UNFPA, funded by New Zealand Government through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MFAT).

2019 Activities

During 2019, Mr. Andeng was engaged on multiple projects.  He has worked on updating the National Investment Policy (NIPs) for Vanuatu Investment Promotion Authority (VIPA) under the Ministry of Trade, Tourism, Industry and Cooperatives, in conjunction with Asia Development Bank (ADB) and finalized after facilitating a validation workshop, prior to launching the document by VIPA and the Ministry.

He also worked with the department of Industry under the Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Industry to prepare a feasibility report for Free Trade Zone in Luganville Santo. Based on the report, the Government has made a decision to undertake the project under a Public Private Partnership (PPP). The Ministry and all stakeholders launched the Santo Free Trade Zone 12 July 2019.

2018 Activities

Mr. Andeng worked as the Political Governance and Public Sector specialist at Prime Minister’s Office, advising the Machinery of Government (MoG) Committee on priority reforms as part of ongoing reforms in the government. Political Governance and Public Sector specialist at Prime Minister’s Office, advising the Machinery of Government (MoG) Committee on priority reforms as part of ongoing reforms in the government. Review reports and reforms undertaken included:

  • PMO/DESPAC review report for MoG

  • Political Reforms (including political parties)

  • MFEM Decentralization Review for MoG Trade

  • Public Service Commission Review report for MoG

  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs, International Cooperation and External

2009 - 2018 Activities

As the Head of the International Finance Cooperation (IFC) Office in Port Vila Vanuatu, he worked as part of the World Bank Group Team to build up relationships with the private sector in Vanuatu to invest in. IFC investments in Vanuatu includes: Digicel, National Bank of Vanuatu (NBV), Advisory Services includes: Investment Promotion and Regulatory, Tourism standards, emerging and long haul tourism markets (esp. China), Credit Bureaus, Mobile banking and banking exchange.  

2007 – 2009 Activities

As part of the professional team from Covec (Economic Consultancy Company based in New Zealand), he was engaged as a Project Officer in the newly established Telecommunications Regulator’s Office for 12 months and also assisted in setting up the Office of the Regulator for Telecommunications, whose main role is to ensure competition in the market leading to reduction in prices, better choices and greater accessibility.

Before working with the Telecommunications Regulator’, Mr. Andeng worked as part of a team of private researchers and consultants, conducting reviews and studies on policy issues facing the government and preparing relevant reports with the relevant recommendations for government’s consideration and adoption.

The Team completed a report in February/March 2008 with recommendations for the devolution and delegations of roles and functions of the Public Service to the Provinces with the aim of improving service delivery to the rural communities throughout the country.

He was also integral part of the team that worked on amalgamation and strengthening of roles and functions of 3 departments, including:  Departments under the Prime Minister’s Office, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Finance and Economic Management (MFEM).

He was appointed Executive Manager Clientele Services Division of the Vanuatu National Provident Fund (VNPF). His responsibilities include planning and execution of effective general administration of the Fund, including control of all divisional operations of the Fund to ensure that responsible Managers to plan their work, execute them and complete them on time. 

2000 – 2005 Activities

In 2005, Mr. Andeng was appointed Deputy General Manager (DGM) of the Vanuatu National Provident Fund (VNPF).

However, before that year, from 2003, Mr. Andeng was appointed Director, Department of Economic and Sector Planning (DESP), the predecessor to DESPAC within the Prime Minister’s Office. He led the department to successfully coordinate the completion of the Policy document – PAA (Prioritized Action Agenda) to prioritize government key development activities for funding from both the budget and the Government Investment Program (GIP). Also the streamlining of the budget process, the GIP and the new programs for 2004 and 2005 budget. 

1st of May till November 2003 Mr. Andeng was an Acting Director General for the Ministry of Finance and Economic Management.

February 2002 until January 2003: Director, Department of Finance. As of February that year, Mr Jimmy Andeng was transferred to head the Department of Finance in view of current difficulties that the Government faces such as stagnant revenues and rising expenditures. With the team in Finance and colleagues from the Ministry of Finance, put appropriate policies measures in place, which are now bearing results in the level and strength of the revenue performance and expenditure management.

From 2001 until January, 2002, Mr. Andeng, worked as Acting Director General Ministry of Comprehensive Reform Program (CRP). CRP is a development process, a development framework for the development of Vanuatu. The principles underlying the ongoing reforms in Vanuatu are Transparency, Accountability and Good Governance. The Government has adopted reforms starting in 1997. 

The role of the Director General also involves providing policy advice in the Development Committee of Officials (DCO), a body set up under legislation (Government Act) to advise the Council of Ministers or Cabinet on policy issues and major development projects for the country, including the budget.

1999 – 2000: He headed the Department of Strategic Management (DSM) as Director, coordinating the implementation of reforms in Vanuatu, including reforms in the Public Service, Financial Institutions, the budget and taxations. Achievements includes creation of new Ministerial structures and Office of Director Generals within each Ministries under the Government Act, working with them in the DCO in managing Government policies and Ministerial Budget Committee (MBC) in discussing the budgets. 

1997 – 1999 Activities

1997 – 1999: He was Acting Director of the National Planning Office (NPO). His principal tasks involved leading and managing the department in coordinating the preparation of the National Development Plans (NDP) for Vanuatu at that time.

In 1997 during the discussions about drawing up and adopting the CRP by the Government, Mr. Jimmy Andeng actively participated in the Task Teams which assisted the Public Sector and Economic Teams, in putting together issues relevant to the development of the country that were subsequently included in the Comprehensive Reform Program (CRP) document and endorsed by the first CRP National Summit in 1997.

1995 – 1997: Mr. Jimmy Andeng, was appointed as the Principal Planning Officer in the National Planning Office (NPO). His responsibilities involved providing leadership in managing the Planning Section of NPO and providing relevant advice to the Director on his role as an adviser to Government on economic and social issues. Further to advice the Director on prioritized development projects for funding and subsequent aid coordination activities to fund the implementation of these projects.

Other Achievements

2020: Mr. Jimmy Andeng was the director of a number of local, foreign owned and multinational companies.

  • 2015 - 2016: He served as Member of the Vanuatu Financial Services Commission (VFSC) Board. 

  • 2012 - 2018: He served as Chairman of Port Vila Maranatha School Committee. During this period, he spear headed various developments in Maranatha School on Ambrym Island, Malampa Province in Vanuatu.

- December 1999 - 2006: He served as Chairman of the VNPF Board of Directors for 6 years. He led the Board to rehabilitate and restructure the Fund after the mass withdrawals and riots affecting the VNPF in 1999. In 2002 the Fund turned around and started making profits and building its reserve fund. Also started diversifying its investment portfolios to gain higher returns. 

- 1997: Mr. Jimmy Andeng, participated in the Pacific Public Executive Management Program (PPEP) supported by Asian Development Bank (ADB).

- 1993: He assisted with the publication of a number of articles, including: 

: T. K. Jayaraman & Jimmy Andeng, ‘Tourism Development and Trends in Vanuatu’, ADB, 1993.

: Jimmy Andeng & T. K. Jayaraman, ‘Vanuatu’s Monetary Sector.

:  Demand For Money and role of Monetary Policy.

: An Econometric Analysis, USPEC Working Paper,

: Department of Economics, University of the South Pacific  (USP), May 2001.