Nauru has enacted its legislative reforms on Telecommunications development, more than five years ago. The reform also included the establishment of the regulatory framework, that will assist with regulating telecommunications market competition. The Communication and Broadcasting Act, 2018 mandates the operations of the Telecommunications and Broadcasting regulatory functions.

The law also provided for the establishment of the Department of Telecommunications and the office of the Chief Regulator.
Mrs. Dalsie Green Baniala Tolang through SPECS is being sought to provide specific regulatory technical assistance in the field of spectrum management. Support the development of the Office of the Chief Regulator, including the development and implementation of the rules required for a competitive open market, steps to strengthen governance and decision making. Where required, support the Government’s strategy for building the e-public service architecture and the citizen trust and confidence on use of ICT, including the National ICT Digital Governance. The works is positively progressing and will end in June, 2022.